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TransWorld Virtual Adoption and Sponsorship Program
"Helping young boys and girls become self-reliant and contributing members of society and the world ".

Philosophy: The term "adoption" among other things literally means to take into one's family through legal means and bring up as one's own child, a new relationship, a friend or heir. However, despite the efforts of all organizations, it is impossible to have all children that need a home in a home. It may be one or a combination of the following:

  • Not all those willing to adopt a child can do it with ease both financially and legally.
  • Not all those willing to adopt a child have the physical space and time to raise a child, although they have a heart full of love.

Adoption is a gift of the innermost love and No child should have to wait regardless of their circumstances to be adopted. Can you imagine growing up without the support of a permanent home, without a family to call your own? Thus our program is intended to satisfy the yearning of both the adopter and the adopted.

At TWDI, we believe that all individuals deserve a decent, happy childhood and the chance to fulfil their potential. They deserve the opportunity to go to school, have access to clean water, nutritional food, basic medical care and shelter. Many individuals especially children around the world are trapped by their environment, poverty, poor nutrition and illiteracy, through no fault of their own. ACT NOW and help us break the cycle of poverty.

For a donation of $10 a month, you can adopt and sponsor a child in school.

For a donation of $20 a month, you can adopt and support a child receive an education in a residential school.

For a donation of $35 a month, you can adopt and support a child receive university education.

For a once total donation of $200, you can adopt and support a child learn a trade that can sustain him or her in life.

What you get as a Sponsor

  • Personal satisfaction and fulfillment.
  • Photograph of the child.
  • Biography of the person.
  • Regular letters
  • Progress reports.
  • Free to visit the person.
Procedures for Application to Adopt A Child

Four simple steps to real happiness:

1.  Send a letter of intent.
2.  Receive approval with options to choose.
3.  Communicate your decision.
4.  Adopt a child.
5.  Send your financial support via TWDI to your child.

To apply for adoption, send a letter containing the following information:
  • Your Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Contact Address
  • Phone Number(s)
  • Fax Number(s)
  • E-mail address
  • Organization and Title
  • Professional Specialization
Information on the Intended Sponsorship (select one for each application)
 1. Sponsorship of interest? (a)Education
(b) Vocational training
(c)Any of the above
 2. Level of interest? (a) School (non-residential)
(b) School (residential)
(c) College/University
(d) Vocation
(e) Any of the above
 3. Preferred Sex (a) Male
(b) Female
(c) Any of the above
4. Country of interest? (a) Specific - please specify
(b) Any place
5. Intended date of start? (a) Immediate
(b) Date - please specify

The Sponsorship Committee will review all complete applications for adoption that have been submitted and will submit recommendations on each candidate to the Board of Directors which formally approve all adoptions. Prospective parents will be notified immediately of the final decision.

A complete application consists of the following material:

1. Application form with all requested information provided.

2. All materials should be sent to the address below.

Questions regarding procedures for membership application may also be directed to the following address:

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