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Religion and Politics

“Politics and the pulpit are terms that have little agreement”

Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

I think that this is confused more than understood. Religion in the Marxian way means the religious temporal hierarchy. The temporal hierarchy then decides on what their faith shall be. The temporal hierarchy being part of the ruling class by granted status imposes a ruling class faith. So has been the history of mankind since the beginning of life. It gives rise to the sayings "Religion is the opiate of the masses”. Remember the drastic changes in the Catholic Church when the French Revolution came along. Previously it advocated all power to the king, now the hierarchy advocates all power to the bourgeoisie; in lieu of the monarchy. The church noticed that in order to survive it had to change its faith, and so they did; it was not the first time that this occurred. Another example: the Glorious Revolution, as was seen Parliament elected the King. Therefore, the Anglican Church stopped the writ of Divine Right.

The hierarchy behaves like an amoeba changing shape -thus faith- whenever it is necessary for its survival. A chameleon by any disguise is still a chameleon. That is why the hierarchy is so conservative. Almost all religions claim to detest capitalism in faith; except for the clear example of the Calvinists. The Anglican Church under King James rewriting the Bible, made an addendum: ‘It is harder for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than it is a rich man into heaven.’ Surprisingly the hierarchy turns around and attempt to destroy anti-capitalist efforts. Interesting duplicity? This is especially seen when people are about to gain all power; the hierarchy steps in and destroys the movement. For example, in Iran, the Muslim hierarchy with its ultra-conservative agenda keeps the student and peoples’ movements from gaining any ground. They are sought ought and destroyed; yet, religion ought to serve the masses. Therefore, why are all the Muslim Sheiks the ruling class; also the rich class?

A further point, notice how rulers are not religious. They use the Machiavellian way of be religious when religion suits them, but they truly do not believe it. Certainly there are exceptions like perhaps George W. Bush, but we cannot tell for sure. To be religious and a ruler meant to be in power; therefore, if a ruler wants power he needs the power of the church. This still holds true to this day even in the most developed countries.

Disregarding the exceptions if a ruler is not religious who is? The masses of course. Therefore, the masses being as religious as they inherently have always been they are the only ones affected by religion. Their religiosity is due to the fact that they are kept from an education by the ruling class. Superstition fills in lack of education in general. A good example is the Russian Orthodox Church. When the People’s Revolution of 1917 was taking place, they told their subjects to not work for the Soviet Satan. Notice how still in the 20 th century people still use religious terminology and superstition to control the population. The whole world is right now confronted with global terrorism.

As rightly put by the Russian President, Vladimir Putin (Thursday, Sept. 15, 2005) “The United Nations must shift its focus from just settling disputes to coordinating the world’s fight against terrorism. That terrorism is the primary threat to human rights and economic development” Various theories on the origin of this global threat have overlooked the role of religion (deprivation of the masses in disguise) in the creation of this monster in the present century. Is this the plan of the hierarchy to pitch the poor against the poor? Initially it was capitalism versus communism – the poor of one nation against the poor of the other while the upper class are embellishing in official and state visits.

The hierarchy always changes its position to keep the masses in line. Martin Luther, once he gained power via means of the princes crushed the peasant rebellions and then created a faith that was not only anti-Semitic but anti-rights. He said that if you do not work you will be excommunicated and executed. Interesting, no? Another example is the blacks in America during the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. The blacks never revolted...why? They had the worst conditions, the worst pay, etc. The hierarchy of course. The Protestant Church told them if they worked and were happy with their existing conditions that they would indeed be saved in the kingdom of heaven... Similar theology is and is still been permeated in the minds of the Dalits (a group of people in the Indian nation who are believers of the Hindu religion). The Dalits in life should go poor in the hope of having a bountiful life in the after world.

The thing is that God is not religion and religion is not God. To believe in God does not mean that you are religious. Therefore, to say that religion is the opiate of the masses is correct. Religion is the opiate, not God.

God is the church and the church is God, is a religious hierarchical trickery designed to keep people in the flock. They however, cannot account for many discrepancies. For example why are the Jews the chosen people and all else must be slaughtered? I was answered because they were the first to discern God. Zoroastrianism, existed before Judaism. A further note about Zoroastrianism, the Jews and later the Christians “borrowed” many symbols, myths, meanings, and literature from them. The hierarchy denies this fact and state that Judaism possibly became a derivative of them. However, they refuse to acknowledge these facts.

The hierarchy always has an answer to everything. For example, the changes in the doctrine and faith after the French Revolution and its miraculous survival. They said that they moved on from their errors (most in the hierarchy) and that they are the true faith now and that they are not going anywhere forward. Well, centuries ago they would have said the same thing about the monarchy. That is what they do not understand. They do not understand that many years ago they would have had their heads cut off by their own church for speaking this way. The religious hierarchical historical revisionism is a result of years of political changes.

Apart from its true early beginnings, religion has become the puppet of the ruling class. The church being used as a way to align the masses to the ruling class ideals, fearing excommunication and even punishment. Hence the inquisitions. This is not limited to the Christian Church, Islam, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh etc., and in every single other religion in the world. Again, bringing up Islam and how is keeps progress from occurring in countries which it rules.

The general faith of all religions has and always will be:

1) Do not revolt.
2) Pray for a better tomorrow.   
3) Accept your current situation.   
4) If you follow these you will go to heaven. 

This goes to align with Edmund Burke’s thinking that “Religion is essentially the art and the theory of the remaking of man. Man is not a finished creation”. The religious hierarchy has always used its dogma to oppress those who are not in power. Whether it is the bourgeoisie, then the proletariat. A day will come in which religion is truly a pure faith, free from the oppressions of its hierarchy and will become an institution for those it serves.

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