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Operation Back with Love: Cristuru Orphanage Center, Romania

Kurt E. Seidenstucker

Cristuru-Secuisec .. You will rarely find any information about this Romanian town in your papers. However, the story of the orphanage centers in Romania has been in the center stage of global humanitarian efforts.

It was in this center that Kurt E. Seidenstucker found innermost peace and joy…. Serving the children in the orphanage center. He volunteered as a member of a group to the center in August 2002 and found that everlasting love accompanied with innermost peace is flourishing in the midst of the needy. Kurt, accompanied by TWDI is planning to spend 12 months in the orphanage center as a volunteer.

To be able to show these children that they are not forgotten by the world requires money. TWDI is appealing for your support to make Kurt's dream a reality. We have planned the trip with the following budget.

 Plane ticket (Miami to Bucharest)
 Plane ticket (Bucharest to Miami)
 Train ticket (Bucharest to Cristuru   to Bucharest)
 Room and Board @ $400 per month
 Total Budget
 Cost (US$) 

In addition, we wish to send some love to the little ones by providing some of their wish list:
  • Virtual Adoption
  • Children clothing (1 - 14 years)
  • Books
  • Pen, Pencil, Crayons, Chalks
  • Toiletries
  • Toys
  • Construction of a play ground
  • Computers
Your support can be an item on the budget or a penny towards the entire project. Every help will be a powerful message that the world still cares.

Please remember suffering has a very human face. So does those who reach out to help them. Thank you for any support you can give to:
TWDI-Cristuru Orphans Fund
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