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TransWorld True Recycle Program
"Your trash could be my gold"
Philosophy: TWDI is a charity-based organization developing initiatives to make lasting, positive changes in the lives of people in need worldwide. In different parts of the world, we have seen that a lot of people will benefit from one another if we do ask our neighbors if they will need what we do not want before we destroy them as trash. This will be the true recycle.
  • TransWorld Laboratory Equipment Recycle Project: Individuals, institutions, or corporations provide the much needed items required in laboratories or institutions that will lead to improvement of communities in which they are located. Items needed include scientific equipment, chemicals, glassware etc. that are in need.

  • TransWorld Book and Academic Material Recycle Project: Textbooks, Journals, and other academic materials from one part of the world are taken from a place of excess to a place of need and appreciation.

  • TransWorld Computer Recycle Project: In this technologically advancing world, we at TWDI know that not all parts of the world is keeping pace with the benefits and thus lacks the much needed interaction for global friendship, enlightenment and interpersonal development. In this aspect, we at TWDI solicit for computers (old and new) and deliver them to places where they will make a positive change in the lives of people.

  • TransWorld Hospital Equipment Recycle Project: Millions of hospital equipment are thrown away in different parts of the world every year. Good life saving machines are hauled to the dump daily while thousands of lives are lost because these hospitals and community health centers could not afford these life-saving machines. This project is a contact point where donors and potential recipients connect no matter where they are in the world.
How to Participate:

Donors: Please send us the list of items that you want us to bring to people that needs it. Kindly include the model and year of manufacture. We will accept only items that are in good working conditions.

Seekers "Wish List": If you require any item, kindly send your wish list to us specifying the item, model, year of manufacture.

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